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"Five Things Your Bridesmaids Want You To Know"

You’ve said yes and now the fun begins. Your best friends have been there by your side through thick and thin. Now it’s time to honor them and build your bridal party. We sat down with a very good friend of ours and asked her to provide you with some advice. Based on her experience as a six-time bridesmaid, here are five things your girls want you to know…


These days, it seems like there is so much pressure to ask your friends to be a part of your bridal party with extravagance. The truth is, the gifts, balloons, and confetti are just a bit much. Truly, the most important question has already been asked, and you said yes! Although these gestures are appreciated, they're not necessary. Furthermore, you as the bride will most likely be buying bridal party gifts for us for the day of the wedding, so why not make the step of asking us more simple? Especially if you have a larger group of girls. A heartfelt note or card sent to each bridesmaid detailing how special they are to you and why you want them to be a part of your big day is a perfect and simple way to go about this.



Buying a bridesmaid's dress can be difficult for some of us that aren’t “local”. Scheduling a group appointment for try-ons and sizing at a boutique that is only located in one city becomes difficult, especially if members of your party reside in different states. An alternative to the traditional method of buying a dress includes purchasing through an online retailer. With today's technology at our disposal, why not opt for a new way of ordering? Many of these online retailers either have only one show room in a big city or have done away with their brick & mortar storefront entirely. Therefore, they are happy to accommodate by sending different styles and sizes right to your doorstep. Similarly, a nationwide boutique serves as a way for each bridesmaid to try on the dress and have adjustments made in the

convenience of her own city.



Not one dress type and style fits every body shape in the most flattering way. One alternative to having everyone in the same exact dress is to pick a color, but allow for each bridesmaid to choose her own dress style. By doing this, each girl is able to add her own personal touch and to find a dress type that she feels most comfortable wearing. Perhaps some dresses can be long, some can be short, or if you’re more traditional, pick a uniform length and allow the style of the top to be tailored to each bridesmaid.



You’ve chosen us to be in your bridal party, and we’ve graciously accepted this invitation. We are here to support you, so don’t be afraid to give us responsibility. This goes for your Maid of Honor as well - ask for our help! The bridal party is auxiliary support for the bride. We want to help in any way we can. Whether it's giving our advice about your dress or having a hand in the decorations, there's no job too small. We are also great at planning parties (both showers and bachelorette!) We can help with making and bringing food dishes, drinks, games and decorations. The bottom line is, don’t be afraid to ask us for help.

We have your back!



We are here for you in our own unique ways. Being a collection of girls from all different regions, career paths and backgrounds, we are all going to have different opinions.


Take the advice that you like, and disregard that which you don’t. Furthermore, we want to attend everything that is planned, but sometimes it’s impossible for everyone to make it

 (save for the actual wedding ceremony of course). We know that you and the Maid of Honor have tried your best to pick dates, locations and times that will fit all of our schedules and lifestyles, but sometimes this won’t accommodate everyone.

This is also OKAY.

There are a lot of moving pieces in life. Sometimes they fit together perfectly and sometimes that's just not the case. You can’t feel bad when things don't go perfectly according to plan because sometimes, they won't. Do what YOU envision for these special events above all else. These events are YOURS! We will try our best to do what we can, but ultimately

we just want you to be happy.

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