"Five Rules of Engagement"

You’re engaged! Now what? Based on our experience, here are five surefire rules to live by throughout this beautiful process...


Have a fun and creative discussion with your partner. What do you picture your wedding to look and feel like? What are your visions? There are some who have had their weddings planned out in their heads for years while others have never given a second thought to what it means to be engaged. There are endless possibilities and resources to explore that will help you create a perfectly unique event. Use this time to talk about weddings you’ve attended throughout your lives. What did you love and what would you leave? This will be a fun and revealing discussion that will jump-start your imaginations and help get your hopes and dreams on the same page. 



Begin an honest and rational discussion about your finances. This will help shape some of the decisions you will soon be making. Figure out how much you both have to put towards your big day. Remember to take into consideration that, if you’re fortunate enough, family members sometimes do like to contribute. Gather inspiration from every corner of your social network. With the right planning, any wedding vision can be achieved regardless of budgetary restrictions. A little creativity and can-do attitude will go a very long way.



Once the question is popped and you make your big announcement, you’ll find it won’t take long for some of the harder questions to rise to the surface. The first one that most people ask is, when’s the big day? Have a realistic discussion with your partner about your timeline. Step back and look at the big picture of the calendar year. What season feels right to you? Get a general idea of when your event will be and this will help you set a goal to focus on. Leave yourself plenty of time to save resources, develop your ideas and ultimately realize your vision. 



Sit down with your partner and start your guest list together. This can be one of the most challenging things for couples to accomplish. The size of your list can affect many other aspects of a wedding including your venue options. Start with the most important family members on both sides and work your way out from there. Give a lot of thought to each potential guest. If you have any disagreements with your partner or you’re on the fence about anyone, make a list of three reasons as to why a guest should or shouldn’t be there. This allows for an open and thoughtful discussion that will pay off when your list is completed long before invitations are set to go out. 



If you’re lucky, this will be the only time you’ll ever “be engaged” so own it and above all, enjoy every second of it. Despite any challenges you may face or stressful situations that arise, this will be an unforgettably exciting process. Communication is KEY. Look into your fiancé’s eyes and remember that a wedding is a celebration of the love you feel between you. If you take careful and thorough steps throughout your planning process, everything will fall into place. So kiss a little longer, walk a little slower, and remember to capture every moment.