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"Five Things To Consider in Using a Personal

Chef to Cater Your Wedding"

Food is a very important part of our lives. It nourishes us, it energizes us, and it brings us together as a family. Planning a wedding is an amazing process with endless choices to make. One of those decisions will be how you plan to feed your guests as you dine together at your reception. We sat down with Chef Angela Rose Capanna​, personal chef and founder of Eat Your Heart Out Edibles, and asked for some tips on working with a personal chef to cater your wedding. 


A personal chef brings a "personalized" approach to catering. Rather than offering standardized menu packages, your chef will work with you to design a menu that is customized to your liking and one that will be best suited for your guests. Do you want a Mexican-themed menu but can't stand cilantro? Do you love allllll the carbs but want to accommodate your more health-conscious guests as well? This is exactly why a personal chef might be a great fit for you, as opposed to traditional catering... it's all in the details!



The messier your vision, the better your chef will be able to suggest different approaches to your menu options. The more information you can provide, the better (hello Pinterest board!). I personally love when clients feel as though they are "scatter-brained" with a bunch of ideas, as opposed to a client who is dead-set on a certain menu concept. Once all those ideas are in my hands, I have the opportunity to trim what is unnecessary and allow for wiggle room for the logistics too (i.e. what food is best for a crowd, what keeps well in chafing trays, etc.).



Is a formal, sit-down dinner the way you want your guests to enjoy the evening? Or would "heavy" (quantity, not texture! LOL) appetizers and mini desserts throughout the event allow for more mingling and dancing? A personal chef may offer a wider variety of options than a traditional caterer. I once had a client who took "outside the box" thinking to a whole new level. Check out the details here. I loved working with the bride to come up with the right combination of creative menu items, and she and her hubby were very pleased!



If you have a hard and fast budget that you must stick to, let your chef know that up front. That way, your chef can offer you menu suggestions that will work within your budget, without a lot of back and forth. So often, we present a menu and price and then hear "oh, that's more than I wanted to spend." Don't worry, we can adjust. Remember, a personal chef prepares your dishes specifically for you. You can expect a service fee that will cover a certain quantity of guests as opposed to a "per head" price. 



The size of your guest list, that is. While a personal chef may have a staff of sous chefs and servers, preparing and serving a four-course, plated meal for 150 people is probably not a good fit. Apps and mini desserts, however, might be! (That's my specialty!) As a personal chef, the majority of my work is very intimate, working/cooking one-on-one with a different client each day of the week, preparing their weekly customized meal plan...(no line/restaurant chef cooking over here!) Apps and desert bites are a great way to bridge the gap between a traditional caterer and a personal chef - they give you more variety and more taste options than the traditional caterer's menu, yet are manageable for the personal chef to prepare. 

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