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My short story...

If you’re wondering who the man is behind the camera, you came to the right place.

While it's impossible to sum myself up in a few paragraphs, reading these words will give you some insight into who I am.

★ ★

As a child, the one thing I remembered most about family gatherings and vacations was that my father was always taking pictures. It was a hobby that skirted the border of an obsession. While I took this for granted back then, it was something that always stuck with me. As time moved on, the family grew up, loved ones passed away, everything changed... but one thing that remained were the countless boxes filled with 4x6 photographs, waiting to be seen, sorted, and loved. I found that my entire life from birth had been documented and this priceless gift was at my fingertips whenever I needed a moment to visit the past.

Pictures capture a moment in time. 

They ensnare our emotions, they immortalize our existence, they are a legacy to be passed down through generations, a story of who we were and what we did with our time on this earth.

In 2011, I was fortunate enough to find my soulmate

Ever since that day, I have seen the world in a brighter light. I had always believed in love and the power it holds over the human existence. To me, there are few greater joys in life than capturing the love and beauty that is hidden inside every fleeting moment.

wedding is a day that deserves to be remembered. Family is everything and moments pass by quickly.  I'm a very passionate person who appreciates emotion in all forms. I believe this shows in all of the images I capture. I want to tell your story in a way that lets you revisit your precious moments for generations to enjoy.


★ ★


What you will find throughout these pages is a small collection of my vision. I hope it brings you inspiration and joy. If you like what you see, reach out and I will respond to you within hours. Feel free to text, email, call, or send an owl.


Don't let your memories fade away...

Let's capture them together.


"Don't let your memories fade away... 

Let's capture them together."

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